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Welcome to MANUSCRIPT Magazine

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Welcome to the world of MANUSCRIPT Magazine.

By having access to all kinds of great digital content related to books and literary culture, you can shop new releases, read excerpts and interviews, 

engage in conversation and so much more.

You can download MANUSCRIPT Magazine on your computer, tablet or phone and take us with you anywhere you go.

Save us to your reading list for offline enjoyment or bring us along to your favourite bookstore to help you find your next read.

MANUSCRIPT Magazine is created for the consumer reader - the reader who buys books for enjoyment.

We are our reader.

Change the way you read.

Redefine your book newsfeed.

MANUSCRIPT Magazine collects and refines the current news in book releases, author interviews and all other literary culture and gives it to you in one convenient download. This digital magazine will redefine how you build your TBR list, engage with fellow bookworms and keep in-the-know on all book topics.

Accessible from all locations.

The great thing about MANUSCRIPT Magazine is that it's downloadable and great for sharing! Download, share, read and repeat. It's that easy! At this time, MANUSCRIPT Magazine is available on our website, free of charge. Enjoy! 

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